Sue Markell


Office Manager
I could not have even dreamed that I would have the opportunity to work in the veterinary field. My background is hotel restaurant management. So I'm very pleased to have made this transition. I joined Barriefield Animal Hospital in 2001 and what I love about my job is that I get to help to encourage and grow the human-pet bond every day. The area of veterinary medicine that interests me the most? Every day is something different, it's always a challenge, forever changing. My favourite thing about the clinic is discharging a recovering patient, seeing that tail wag and bright eyes. The unconditional devotion we get to witness daily. My first pet was a Bassett Hound named Tippy Taylor. I loved to dress him up. Such a patient boy. A fun fact about myself is that my dogs are always named after my favourite Toronto Maple Leafs players. Domi our Chihuahua is four pounds of pure muscle.


Why Adopt a Senior Dog?

I love puppies and dogs of all ages, but I would have to say after adopting two senior dogs, I would not hesitate to adopt another.

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