Dog Behavioural Counselling

Behaviour problems can be a big stressor for both you and your dog and can be damaging to your relationship. Many canine behaviour problems can be either prevented or treated by consulting your veterinarian. Prevention should start at an early age, and behaviour will be discussed at your very first puppy visit with us. We can also offer behaviour counselling for specific concerns. Treatment of behaviour problems can include recommendations for referral to a trainer or a behaviour specialist, supplements, diet change, and medication.

How can behavioural counselling help my dog’s behaviour?

Many canine behaviour problems are misunderstood and are attributed to dominance or spite. Popular television shows and websites help perpetuate numerous false beliefs about dog behaviour. We recommend consulting with your veterinarian before pursuing treatment for a behaviour problem, as many behaviours are the result of fear, anxiety, or an underlying medical issue. Common behaviour problems that we can help address include house training issues, separation anxiety, noise phobias, reactivity to strangers, and aggression with other dogs.

What happens at the initial dog counselling meeting?

A behavioural consult is always booked for an extended appointment time. There is a large amount of history gathering and information sharing that is required to formulate a plan that will best help you and your pet.

Will my pet insurance policy covers the cost of dog behaviour counselling?

Each insurance company offers multiple-tiered plans. Some plans may include behavioural consultation, medications, and referral. It is best to check with your insurance carrier to get the specific details.

What can I expect after the consultation?

We will follow up by phone after your appointment and a recheck visit may be recommended depending on the issue.


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