Dog Grooming and Nail Trimming for Dogs

Grooming by Susan

As a seasoned groomer, Susan takes great pride in her work. She uses her skills and experience to deliver the best possible service to her four-legged clients and their families. As a passionate dog advocate, Susan is a foster for two different rescue organizations across Ontario. She is also a driver for Freedom Drivers rescue transport. Grooming services are available Monday through Friday by appointment. She also has extensive knowledge in training and behaviour. She holds certification as a science-based Animal Behaviour Apprentice from the Dogue Shop in Montreal.

How often should I cut my dog’s nails?

Every dog is different when it comes to nail growth. If your dog walks on the sidewalk or cement, it can help keep the nails from growing too long by working as a natural nail file. For many dogs, trimming every six weeks is sufficient. The more often the nails are trimmed, the shorter the quicks will be kept, making trimming easier and more comfortable for your pet.

What is the cost of grooming small, medium and large dogs?

Grooming prices are determined by time and coat condition. For an accurate quote, we recommend you book a time with Susan and she would be happy to give you an estimate prior to an appointment.


Why Adopt a Senior Dog?

I love puppies and dogs of all ages, but I would have to say after adopting two senior dogs, I would not hesitate to adopt another.

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