Dog Vaccinations

Why do we recommend vaccines?

Vaccinations help protect your dog from many potentially serious and even fatal diseases. We can recommend which vaccinations your dog requires based on their lifestyle, age, and risk factors. Even if vaccinations are not due, regular health checkups are very important for your pet. Dogs age much faster than humans, and thus, annual examinations will help ensure your pet stays in good health.

What additional vaccinations are recommended for your area?

Lyme disease is a particular challenge in the Kingston area, and we typically recommend a multi-tiered approach to prevent this infection.

Is there a schedule for how often to vaccinate a dog?

Every dog’s lifestyle can be a bit different, and we recommend specific vaccinations depending on their immunization needs. Some vaccinations require a yearly booster, while others may be less frequent.

How much does it cost to vaccinate my dog?

Vaccine prices are dependent on which vaccines need to be updated for your pet’s protection in a particular year. Please contact us for an assessment of which vaccines your pet may require and the associated costs.

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Cat Friendly Practice

Cats are unique and wonderful pets, and we recognize this. Your cat has specialized health needs, and we have a sincere concern for your cat's health. We do our best to ensure your cat's visit to the clinic is as stress-free as possible.

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