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X-ray and Ultrasound

Radiology is an important diagnostic tool. Completing x-rays will help our veterinarians diagnose and prepare a treatment plan for your pet. We perform digital dental x-rays during all of our dental procedures in order to detect and treat dental disease more effectively. Ultrasound services are available when recommended to help...

Gloved hand lifting a blood sample tube

Blood Tests

Blood tests are an excellent tool to diagnose and monitor disease in our pets.

Two surgeons performing surgery


We have a modern surgery suite that allows our veterinarians to perform routine and non-routine surgeries. Common surgical procedures include spay/neuter, biopsies, lump removals, abdominal/intestinal surgery, and urinary tract surgery. Your pet’s anesthesia is always monitored by our registered veterinary technicians. We utilize a Cardell monitor and Doppler pulse monitor,...


A dog may require a urinalysis when a urinary tract disease is suspected, when a pet is unwell, or to help assess kidney function.