Dog Blood Tests

Monitoring the health of your pet is crucial, as they may not exhibit visible signs of illness.

Blood tests are an excellent tool to diagnose and monitor disease in our pets.

Why is it important to perform blood tests for dogs?

Routine blood testing in healthy animals allows us to establish a baseline to compare and monitor changes that may occur in your pet as they age or if they become ill. This is particularly important in senior dogs. Blood work can help us diagnose or rule out serious diseases in an unwell pet. Testing is also recommended prior to any anesthetic procedure to minimize risk.

How do I interpret my dog’s blood test results?

We have an in-house laboratory to get the quickest possible results for a sick patient in anywhere from 10-30 minutes. If sent out to our reference laboratory, the results of your pet’s blood work are usually received within 1-2 days of collecting the sample. At this time, your veterinarian will call you to discuss any abnormalities and the recommended next steps. Some blood value irregularities are not significant depending on the age, breed, and overall health of your pet. When a concerning abnormality is present, your veterinarian may suggest ongoing monitoring, treatment, or further diagnostic workup.

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