Holiday Hazards for Our Pets

The holiday season is fast approaching so are the holiday hazards for our pets. As a pet owner, it’s important to be aware of the potential issues that can affect our pets.

When decorating the Christmas tree be aware of your dog’s tail and the ornaments near the bottom of the tree. With my dog, I make sure that the bottom of the tree is clear, as we have lost a few special ornaments. I also make sure that my tree is stable, so it doesn’t pose a threat of falling on top of my curious critter.

Cats and tinsel are never a good combo. If you have cats make sure that your tree is free of tinsel as it can pose a major problem if swallowed. Keeping your cats away from the tree is always a struggle. A simple solution to try would be placing orange peels at the base of the tree, as cats dislike citrus scents.

Poinsettias are a common find in people’s homes during the holiday season. Even though these aren’t toxic to our pets they can cause GI upset if ingested. So, it is best to keep the Poinsettias up and out of the reach of our pets.

Christmas dinner is a fan favourite, but has the potential to be harmful to our furry family members. While we enjoy the holiday meal and you feel your pet is being left out you can treat him/her by offering them a special treat. Whether it be home-baked dog treats (which are my pets favourite) store-bought treats our furry friends will enjoy them all the same. Be sure to keep your pets away from unattended plates of food and always secure lids on garbage cans. Some of our pets can’t resist the smell of the garbage can.

These are just a few pet safety tips on how to make this holiday season a joyous one with our furry family members. It’s always better to be prepared then to have the unexpected happen during this already busy time of year.

Wishing you and yours the happiest and safest holidays season.

Written by: Jennifer, VA