New Puppy Owner

Who would of thought that I would forget all the trouble a puppy could get into in a few short years?

We decided to add a new member to our family, go a little outside the box with a Labrador Retriever. At least outside of our box in our love for smushy-faced dogs (Boxer, Boston, Brussels) even outside with the starting letter of the breed. Excitement was plentiful upon choosing, shopping and getting organized for him. Picking a name for this chocolate darling was a lively experience but finally settled on Takota Tika Moon (Takota is Sioux for Warrior)Tika Moon for his Registered Kennel.

So very sleepy the first couple of days. He had the family engaged with excitement at every squeak and yip. Move forward to day 4 when diarrhea and walking through it seemed to be the highlight of his day.

What did we get ourselves into?

After some prescription medication, things started to firm up, now onto puppy training. We did attend puppy class, he was so excited that his feet seldom touched the floor. Some were not impressed by this exuberance. It’s so hard being a puppy!

Drywall, carpet corners and MY shoes tended to be the choice of chewing “toys.” Especially if my shoes were new and hidden in a box. Almost seems like I was challenging him? Again, what did we get ourselves into?

He is now 7 months old, a little devil who we wouldn’t want to change anything (well I really did like those shoes). He heals, helps and soothes the soul. How important he has become to our families well being in such a short time, amazes me.

We continue to teach, correct, love and sigh. Keeping him engaged and busy is the key to keeping everything clear of puppy teeth marks. Environment enrichment is so very important. They need to be challenged daily, rewarded frequently. Socialization is very important to start when they are young.

Puppies have a unique way to see the world. Every second behind every closed door, feels to them likes its an hour, every second you spend apart seems like forever. We should all be so lucky to have the unconditional love we get with our Kota Bear.

We at Barriefield Animal Hospital believe a tired puppy is a good puppy. Ask your veterinary staff for guidance. We’re all experienced pet owner who have a wealth of information to continue to strengthen the human-pet bond.

Stayed tuned to more exploits from the little bear saga.

Written by: Sue Markell, Office Manager