Summer Fun with Your Dog

Now that the dog days of summer are here, it’s important to make the most out of it. However, it is our responsibility to keep our canine companions out of trouble; here are a few tips to help.

Water Safety

Some dogs love the water, others not so much. So, take it slow and give your dog some time to get used to the water. Now if your canine companion is a natural with the water, then it won’t take long until you, and your furry friend is enjoying the water together.

When out swimming and boating with your dog, it’s important that he/she is wearing a life jacket. Keep them close to you and the boat to prevent any unforeseen accidents.

As with us, dogs also require some shade on hot sunny days. Unfortunately, dogs don’t have the capability to sweat like we do and can overheat easily if they are out in the sun for long periods.

Consuming a lake or pool water is never a good idea. Too much can cause vomiting or diarrhea, or in extreme cases cause an imbalance in electrolytes. Always have a bowl and bottled water on hand, so your dog isn’t tempted to ingest large amounts of water from the lake or pool. It’s also a good idea to rinse your dog off after a day of swimming. Make sure to towel dry your dog, and by doing so, you avoid the potential risk of getting a bacterial infection, often referred to as a “hot spot.” Another good idea after a day out on the water is to clean and dry your dog’s ears to prevent a possible ear infection.

Fishing Safety

Another hazard can be when we take our canine friends fishing with us. This can be an enjoyable outdoor activity, but here are a few tips to prevent your canine friends from getting into trouble.

Fish hooks can be a huge problem as they can be ingested or embedded in the lips, tongue, face or even the legs and paws. If your dog runs into trouble with fishing lures taking him or her to the Veterinarian is highly recommended. Trying to remove the hooks on your own is risky, could cause more injury and due to the barbs on fishing lure sedation may be required.

If your dog consumes raw fish while out fishing, it can potentially cause vomiting or diarrhea. To prevent this from happening, it’s a good idea to store your catch in a live well so your dog won’t have access to it. Summer can be a great time to spend with your dog, but it’s important to keep these tips in mind!

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Written by: Jennifer, Veterinary Assistant/Client Care Representative