Dog Emergency Vet

Where is your clinic located?

We are located at 700 Innovation Drive, off Highway 15 in the east end of Kingston.

Are you a 24-hour veterinary hospital?

Barriefield Animal Hospital is not a 24-hour animal hospital, but we do our best to accommodate emergencies during office hours.

Where do I go in case of an emergency?

Kingston Regional Pet Hospital (KRPH) is an emergency hospital serving Kingston and the surrounding area. During operating hours, there is a veterinarian and veterinary technicians onsite who are prepared to aid in an emergency situation that may arise with your pet. KRPH is located at 1381 Midland Ave, Kingston (close to Walmart). Their telephone number is (613).634.5370.

Overnight (starting at 6 pm) Monday – Friday

All Day & All Night- Saturday, Sunday & Holidays.


Why Adopt a Senior Dog?

I love puppies and dogs of all ages, but I would have to say after adopting two senior dogs, I would not hesitate to adopt another.

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