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There are a variety of different parasites that your pet can be hosting. Some pets that are positive for parasites and show no symptoms should still be treated, as they can infect other animals or humans and contaminate their environment.

Cat lying down

Senior Care

Many signs of aging occur gradually and are very subtle. Increases in urination and drinking, decreases in mobility, changes in litter box habits, and decreases in interaction with family members are some signs that should raise concerns and warrant a veterinary visit.

Cat scratching its leg

Flea and Tick Control

Fleas and ticks are common ectoparasites (external parasites) that can affect us and our pets. If your cat has a flea infestation it can be hard to resolve without appropriate treatment, as a female flea can lay 40-50 eggs a day. Preventing fleas is therefore preferable to trying to treat...

Kitten standing in litter box

Fecal Exam

Fecal testing is a method of checking for intestinal parasites. There are a variety of different parasites such as roundworm, hookworm, giardia, or tapeworms that your cat could be hosting. Many pets do not show any clinical signs of intestinal parasite infections.