Kota Bear

I’m now 9 months old and way more mature than the last blog.

I still enjoy chewing on shoes, especially Moms. I really enjoy coming to play with my friends, but don’t enjoy waiting for them to get here. Winter so far is my favourite season by far. Eating snow and sniffing below the surface is great fun. I prefer to go outside wait for the door to close, but then want to be let right back inside. Are you not coming out to play? I still have great difficulty in keeping all 4 feet on the ground. I really need to show my love by jumping up and then licking your face.

The boundless energy that this puppy has still is mind-boggling, does he never get tired? The simple answer is no. We have toys, stuffed animals, treats, stairs, balls, a Chihuahua who sometimes will play if Kota Bear bugs him enough. Kota Bear prefers that we not watch TV, as he is the star. He also doesn’t want us to sit comfortably on the couch or let us have enough covers to keep warm.

Winter weather is not a deterrent for this Kota Bear. Through his persistence, this puppy has made me go outside. Which if you know me, winter is not my thing. For me to go outside is quite a feat and one I begrudgingly admit to helping the spirits.

Many articles are published about the health benefits of owning a pet. This I can attest to. This chocolate bundle of energy has been great for the spirits for my entire family.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. – Anatole France.