Dog Boarding

Looking for a safe place to board your pet?

Why not leave them in the care of qualified professionals and give yourself peace of mind?

Why should I board my dog at Barriefield Animal Hospital?

We have a great boarding staff, who have the support of our registered technicians and licensed veterinarians. Boarding can be stressful for an owner and a pet, especially if the pet senses anxiety from their loved ones. We can make this process less stressful for everyone. Our team monitors your pets very closely throughout their stay. Anything concerning that arises while your pet is boarding is brought to the veterinarian’s attention, and we will then contact you if necessary. This is especially important for pets with chronic medical conditions requiring monitoring or medication.

What are the admission requirements?

All pets must be up to date on vaccines at least 10 days prior to boarding at our facility. If you are a non-client boarding with us, we require a signed vaccine certificate from your veterinarian before we make a reservation. If you are a regular client, we will double check your pet’s vaccine status before we book your reservation. Dogs are required to have Distemper/Hepatitis/Parainfluenza/Parvovirus (DHPP), Rabies and Bordetella vaccinations. All dogs are required to be on intestinal parasite prevention and veterinary approved prescription flea/tick medication starting a minimum of 14 days prior to admission. A negative fecal test within the last 12 months. Should you have any questions regarding these policies please contact the office directly.

What is the cost of dog boarding?

Prices vary based on kennel size. We offer discounted rates for two or more pets staying in the same kennel. We provide medium (3×4 foot), large (4×6 foot) and extra large (5×11 foot) kennels. Our medium kennels have the extra comfort of heated flooring. All of our kennels are in a single row, so no animal is facing another, and there is no height restriction. You are welcome to bring your dog’s bed and toys or other comforts of home. We will also provide warm blankets and stainless-steel food and water dishes.


Doggy Daycare/Boarding

We all know how hard it is to leave our furry friends for a few hours, let alone an extended time.

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